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Internship & Volunteer

Internship & Volunteer

Internship & Volunteer




The NSW Speech Contest is planning to set up opportunities to engage the contestants and the Japanese professional and business community in NSW.

We envisage that we will welcome members of the professional and business community to offer internship opportunities in their organisations to the contest participants.


This will provide a win-win scenario for both the community and the participants in which the community gains access to young talents who are proficient in Japanese and the contestants gain unique experiences of working in Japanese organisational culture. 

This plan is at the consultation stage, targeting to start in 2022. We welcome ideas and comments from all interested parties.




If you are interested in working as a volunteer or internship for the contest, both at its preparation stage and on the contest day, please contact the committee.

Send an email to: NSWJSpeech@gmail.com or Send us an enquiry