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Contest Background


The Japanese Language Speech Contest is held annually at the State level and the National level. The aims of the Japanese Language Speech Contest are to encourage learners who are studying Japanese to showcase their language skills in a challenging context, and to advocate Japanese language learning in general.

The NSW Japanese Language Speech Contest is organised by the NSW Japanese Speech Contest Steering Committee, consisting of members from NSW universities and high schools.

This year, with the success of the last year's online contest, we continue to host the NSW State Contest ONLINE.

We encourage learners in schools and universities located away from Sydney CBD to participate in the contest ONLINE.




Contestant testimonial



Vincent Law

2018, NSW State Contest, Winner, Open Division




I would highly recommend any Japanese learners to take part in the Japanese Speech Contest, whether it is for fun or to push yourself further. To some it might seem like a glorified "speaking test", but it is so much more than that. You have the opportunity to work on something very personal with the help of your classmates and teachers. I am forever thankful for my friends for supporting me, and for my teachers for helping me hone my Japanese skills. Every part of your speech, from the content, choice of words, rhythm, and flow, to the nitty gritty details such as how long you should hold a sound for, or the specific intonation of every single word, plays an important role in the performance of your speech. My personal advice is make a speech that only you can deliver. It's a competition, after all. Be sure to show off your best self!

Ying Lou

2017, NSW State Contest, 3rd Prize Winner, Open Beginner Division
2018, NSW State Contest, 3rd Prize Winner, Open Division
2019, NSW State Contest, Winner, Australian National Contest, Special Prize Winner, Open Division




Participating in the Japanese speech contest 4 times was a major part of my unforgettable journey in learning Japanese. I enjoyed every moment when I was standing on the stage. It was unpredictable and extremely nerve-wracking when I tried to challenge and believe in myself, to make something once was impossible for me come true. I always feel I have a different soul when I speak Japanese and it leads me to a different part of myself. Thinking about topics, starting to write a script, editing and practicing over and over again, all the hard work strengthened the relationship between me and Japanese language, and with people who always supported and encouraged me. Why not take the chance to see how brave and impressive I could be?


Hana Thomson

2011 Australian National Contest Winner, Background Speakers Division



I had the pleasure of participating in the Japanese Speech Contest in 2011, and found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. While it took a lot of work and was very nerve-wracking, the whole process from drafting, writing and revising my speech (with the invaluable support of my Japanese teachers), memorising and practising, to performing in front of an audience and a panel of judges, greatly helped me hone both my writing and speaking Japanese skills. I recommend any and all lovers and students of Japanese to pick a topic they're passionate about, get writing, and enter the contest. You'll have a blast!



Holly Huynh

2017 NSW State Contest Winner, Australian National Contest 3rd Prize Winner Open Division



In 2017 I chose to challenge myself and participate in the Japanese Speech Contest. While the process was long and hard at times, the result was very rewarding. I chose a topic close to my heart and with the help of my Japanese teachers and mentors, I gained a deeper appreciation for the art of speaking and learnt how to express complex ideas eloquently. Four years later, I still reap the benefits of participating in the contest, becoming life-long friends with other Japanese learners. As well as being able to tame my nerves before a presentation. I definitely suggest you take the opportunity to participate as it gives you the chance to hone your Japanese skill outside the classroom, and plus who knows how many people your speech will resonate with!