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We invite everyone to contribute to the NSW Japanese Speech Contest! 


The contest is run by a group of volunteers and is in need of sponsors. Your sponsorship will enhance the experiences of the participants and the visibility of the contest.



You may get involved as sponsors in a number of ways:


  • Provide cash contribution to the contest. The fund will be used for catering and venue hire (face-to-face contest), prizes and certificates for winners and participants, and other administrative costs.
  • Provide in-kind contribution to the contest. The contest is in need of various professional support (e.g., legal, technical, public relations...).
  • Provide goods to be used as Prizes.
  • Provide internship opportunities to contest participants (Details on the Internship page)
  • Any other forms, please consult.



If you are interested, send an email to NSWJSpeech@gmail.com or Send us an enquiry






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